We make the first steps in your production

As an industrial purchaser of steel and non-ferrous metals, you probably work for a company who will process the material in one way or another. But which production processes give true value to your company? When you list these, you will often notice that there are also other processes in your workshop. They can involve different forms of preparatory steps, which need to be done before your core production starts, for instance:

  • Plates must be cut to the right dimension
  • Bars must be edge-prepared
  • Beams must be blasted and primer applied
  • Tubes must be laser-cut

These preparatory steps take time for your personnel. Material pre-processing also demands space in your workshop or on the construction site, which then cannot be used for other purposes.

We pre-process material for you

Leave the material pre-processing to us and you will receive it ready for your production to start immediately. Thus you avoid spending time and resources in preparatory steps. You also avoid the risk of errors and material wastage before production begins and you buy only the exact amount of steel you need. Call or e-mail and our sales will assist you.

Production specialists of steel and non-ferrous metals

Your personnel are specialists in your production. When they can concentrate on what they are best at doing, you create optimum value for your customers. For us, pre-processing is an integral part of our work, not a side project. We put our heart and soul into these very first steps of your production. You can rely on us. The production is done on our sites, with operators and supervisors specialized in materials and operation.

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