Your needs guide us

Your role is to purchase or choose steel and non-ferrous metals in the industry. Tibnor handles material supply to the Nordic and Baltic industries. With Tibnor as your partner you can simplify your providings of steel and non-ferrous metals. No matter how large or small your volume needs are.

Sometimes you know exactly what you want and you just need us to solve the supply. Other times, you might wonder which material would work best, or whether you need to change something to improve your end product. These are the kinds of challenges that our sales representatives and product specialists have a passion for. Share your challenges and concerns with them, and you will benefit from all the combined knowledge at Tibnor. When you have deeper questions about the material’s properties and characteristics, we will involve our suppliers to ascertain that we give you the right guidance. 


All you need from one place

You can have all your steel and non-ferrous metal needs covered by us. Tibnor is a full-range multi-metal distributor and we stock all varieties normally used by the Nordic and Baltic manufacturing industries. With all the product groups in our stock, it is easy for you to secure your needs without having to switch between suppliers.

  • Heavy plates
  • Strip steel
  • Merchant steel
  • Tubes and profiles
  • Engineering steel
  • Reinforcement bars
  • Stainless
  • Non-ferrous metals (aluminum etc.)

If we do not have what you require, we can order from our suppliers and it will be delivered in the same efficient way to you, only the lead time will be a little longer.

Do you spend time processing the material before actual production starts? Let us do it instead, so that the material is ready for use in your workshop or site, upon delivery.

Simple and time-efficient
with one supplier for all needs

Assured supply
for safety and reliability

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