Deliveries that save time and space

How do YOU want your deliveries of steel and non-ferrous metals?  

Directly from our warehouses, on short notice, so that you don't have to stock in your own workshop? You can order material any time you need it, when you buy from our stocks. Is it a project for which you need to do the supply planning of steel and metals, to get the correct material flow, day after day? Do you wish Tibnor to do the pre-processing also, so the steel and non-ferrous metals can be used directly in your production line or on the construction site? You can then avoid using your personnel or sub-contracted personnel to prepare the material.

Solutions that save money and the environment.

These are questions our sales representatives look forward to solve for you. Call or send an e-mail, and choose together the best solution for your particular production or project. Clever logistics solutions are seemingly simple, but they save you time and money. And they might also be better for the environment, too, with fewer transports of material at your location. Our sales people are used to thinking about the best logistics for their customers, when it comes to steel and metals; and would like to do it together with you.

Optimal use of space

Less capital tied up

Less environmental impact

Optimal use of time for employees

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